Monday, March 7, 2011

The Silent Holocaust

I had to do a Community Assessment for one of my classes this semester. It was over 200 pages of data I found on a county in West Virginia... you might have heard of it because it's where Jaime Oliver did his "Food Revolution." I was kind of shocked when I found the abortion statistics for the state of West Virgina... it was a little over 1,000 and I thought if all 50 states had that many that would be over 50,000 babies.

I was curious to know of Minnesota's numbers... especially after hearing a statistic that 60% of ALL BLACK babies in New York are aborted every year. What I found shocked me.

Seriously I am posting this to make a statement. This makes me want to cry, and not just because I am pregnant and emotional, but because this says A LOT about our society and what we value. I seriously feel the need to take some kind of stand. What can we do about this!?

2009 Minnesota Abortion Statistics (not all statistics given, click here for full list)

Total Abortions Performed: 12,388

Abortions to women 18-19: 1,207

Abortions to women 20-29: 7,318 (I used to think it was mostly teen girls... not so)

Abortions to women 30-39: 2,863

Abortions to unwed women: 10,395

Women who had previous abortions: 5,037 (it listed numbers for people who have had 9 or more)

Method/ Suction Curettage (sucked out with vacuum) : 9,294

Selected Reasons Listed for Early Termination:
  • Economic: 3,597
  • Don't Want Children: 7,269
  • Want to Finish College: 609
  • Single Parent: 841
  • Already have kids don't want any more: 383
  • Relationship problems: 234
  • Unknown: 1,999
Abortions Since 1990 (1990-2009): 286,573

This is ONE state. ONE. Out of 50. And the numbers actually seem to be declining. During the early 80's it was closer to 20,000 a year.

I know that many of you who read this blog have strong views about this subject. It gets brought up from time to time by my peers in school or at the doctors office and I just cringe. I hate that this topic is considered controversial... almost to the point of being taboo to talk about. It is not taught to be wrong in school, merely a Choice that women get to make.

Last week I heard my baby's heartbeat (I am about 10 weeks along) There is a live human being in there.... not just some mass of tissue.

I find it interesting considering Chuck's line of work for the last 2 years. He worked with adults who are completely incapable of caring for themselves. They can not speak, feed themselves or even use the restroom with out extensive care and assistance. These disabled adults are HIGHLY protected by the US governmental and federal regulations. To the point that almost every moment of their life has to be recorded and documented by the people who care for them. Yet helpless fetuses are left at the mercy of their mother and whether she deems their life of any worth... or worth her time and money.

This is sick. Our society is so sick.


Tacy Marie said...
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Shum Girl said...

I agree with you. Abortion is a really hard topic to talk about so I don't because I feel so strongly against it. I believe that in order for something to be alive it must also have a spirit. I believe that as soon as egg and sperm come together that baby is alive with a spirit. Who knows if that means that if that baby miscarries it does or doesn't get another chance at life but a baby is a baby no matter how small (Dr. Seuss?) or no matter if it doesn't look like a baby yet.

I know there is always an extreme case and I do believe that someone who becomes pregnant through rape or incest should be able to make a choice.

The hard thing that you run into on this topic is that there a lot of horrible mothers out there who choose to not abort and then drink, and do all the drugs they can find and that poor little baby will be born with a lot of problems. Those helpless and voiceless fetuses have more to worry about then just abortions.

Someone who is having consensual sex should know and be prepared that pregnancy may be a consequence of that sex.

My husband and all his siblings were adopted. A couple of his siblings were supposed to be abortion babies but their birth moms changed their minds. We are very grateful they did. My sister adopted her two sons. We are so grateful that their teenage mother did not abort them.

Abortion is crappy and a hard topic to discuss.

Shum Girl said...

Just doing this so I can read follow ups.

Toni Jones said...

That is so disturbing. I'm not even pregnant and it's got me all emotional right now. Seriously, what is wrong with the world today?