Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dump Truck

Almost through week six of feeling like absolute hell or as I tell Chuck most mornings "Like I got hit with a Dump Truck." Two weeks ago to add to the fun of constant nausea I got this head cold that would not seem to go away. IT was actually kind of nice for a little while because I couldn't smell anything and could eat a lot more than I was previously.

Then like a good mommy who shares I gave my nasty horrible no good head cold to my baby. Who has been a wreck for four days now. If you are a parent I KNOW you completely understand this, having a sick baby is an incredibly exhausting and trying experience. Chuck has taken on caring for us both.... thanks Chuck and sorry you have been puked on so much. Fiona has found that she can sleep on his chest which has kept Chuck pretty much glued to the couch with a hot little potato on his chest. We actually think this is kind of cool though, Fiona has never been the cuddly type or one to fall asleep in our arms.

Yesterday my jaw and teeth started aching.... turns out my head cold invaded my sinuses and caused a nasty infection. I started taking antibiotics yesterday and hope to be better soon. Seriously I don't know how much more of this I have the capacity to withstand.

I have a new profound appreciation, or perhaps sadness for people who are terminally ill, or even more so who have children who are.

I also want to know HOW people stay positive during challenging times such as these. I must say that despite my best attempts to just grit and bear and BE HAPPY... I have felt like (as previously mentioned) swearing at strangers, lighting small animals aflame, and picking up large furniture objects and breaking them. Basically I have NOT been coping well at all. I feel like a nut case, and wonder what it felt like to be a happy, healthy person.

So here are some videos that are in attempts to cheer me up. Hope you find them amusing as well.

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The Atomic Mom said...

I am sorry. We've had our own case of the barfys this week. No bueno.

I don't complain, because it really won't make you feel better. I just remove myself from society as much as possible. Although a manager from Joseph's work called Friday nite at 9pm and he got an ear full from me about alot of crap his team put Joseph thru this week. So I suppose that was me barking at strangers.....

I have no answers, other than I hate winter with a pure and complete wrath, for it is the time and the woe of sickenss and misery, and must be destroyed.

Haha, the word verif is "trash"