Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Steps

If you recognized that as a What About Bob reference please give yourself a pat on the back. Yesterday was a tremendous day for our family. We went to church, all got to take a nap, and FIONA WALKED for the first time by herself. Chuck and I have been trying to have little walking lessons each night before bed. She got up to taking a few steps between us but was really apprehensive about it.

Yesterday at church I took her to the nursrey where all the toys are. There was one of those little cars with a handle on the back that you can either sit in or ride. I showed her how to use it and she pushed that thing around the room for about 30 minutes, and you could see the gears in her brain turning. She finally got a taste of the freedom of walking from place to place. AND she saw that she could do it without my help.

When we got home she walked all by herself to and from the kitchen multiple times. I was so proud of her, I felt all emotional about it. Here is the LIVE footage if the explanation didn't do it justice... plus then you can hear her cute little voice.

ALSO today she let me put a headband in her hair for a few hours without ripping it out. I bought this headband on Black Friday after Thanksgiving and have been trying to get her to wear it ever since. So today was another small victory!


The Atomic Mom said...

Very awesome! James didn't walk till 15 months. I have to admit, I was kind of nervous at that point. And Fiona, you seem to be getting quite the hairdoo...keep on that baby!

jeff and alli said...

Woohoo! Walking is a big deal and so exciting.

Toni Jones said...

way to go, Fiona! Now you need to walk over to our house and give Lincoln some lessons!