Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Over-Rated Radio

Yesterday on my drive to school I was doing my usual radio station search (99.57% of the time I can never find a good song to listen to... Radio stations around here act like Matchbox 20, Nickleback and U2 are the best bands who ever lived and need to be played every hour). So most of the time I end up listening to conservative talk radio... which has it's pros and cons, but that is a different post altogether. However, I stopped by the "teeny-bopper" radio station because they were talking about the most Over Rated songs of all time.

Now... this is the radio station that plays auto tuned music almost exclusively and dance party type songs all day. These songs typically include lyrics about being cool, getting drunk, partying, buying new stuff (like cars and shoes etc.), dancing, and having sex (or something like it) with random people you meet at dance clubs (in usually gross terms). Radio stations such as these are primarily listened to by 12 -18 year olds and it this bloggers humble opinion that the songs they play are one of the main contributors to teenage pregnancy and underage drinking.

A few of the "Over Rated" songs they listed in their discussion were as follows...
  • The Eye of the Tiger - Survivior
  • American Pie** - Don Mclean
  • Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
  • White Wedding - Billy Idol
  • Come on Baby Light My Fire - The Doors
Ummm I am going to have to disagree these ones. While they did select a few songs from their own playlist like, Rhianna (Come Mr. DJ), Nickleback (This is How you Remind Me) and some other old dance hits like The Macarana by Los Del Rio.... I still think they failed to realized that almost ALL of the music they play on their radio station is Over Rated.

I just found it to be Extremely ironic.

(**I must admit that American Pie annoys me, yet the song has withstood the test of time and still inspires large groups of people to sing along when played, so it's cool in my book).


The Atomic Mom said...

Ok, Eye of the Tiger?! Wha? That is the COOLEST song EVER! We even sang it in the 1985 roadshow. We changed the words, "We are vikings!"

I think music radio, for the most part is garbage. I'd love to have XM in my car, one day, maybe. But I mostly just make myself mix CDs. I would do tapes, but those are over rated I hear.

jeff and alli said...

I can't stop myself from singing along with American Pie(that is the song that talks about the day the music died right?)

I usually end up listening to NPR/MPR because I too get annoyed with many music stations.