Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birds and Beards

So this in one of those posts where I KNOW I should be doing my homework but I can't seem to get Birds and Beards off my mind, and have spent almost an hour looking into it.

If you are confused it is expected... but Chuck is probably giggling right now because I bring this up on a regular basis. So I have this crackpot theory that needs further investigation but goes something like this. Men with beards seem to like birds. Now, the reason it needs further investigation is that this could be a Chicken vs the egg thing... that is to say I don't know if love of birds causes the desire to grow a beard, or if having a beard fosters love of birds.

But lets just allow the evidence to speak for itself.

EXHIBIT A: Vincent Van Gogh

This is a painting of nests that he did, and he also has one of crows flying.

EXHIBIT B: Iron and Wine Lead Singer Sam Beam

As is true with many bearded musicians he often sings about birds. For example his songs... Flightless bird, American Mouth
Bird Stealing Bread
Boy with a Coin (talks about a girl with a bird)
Two Hungry Blackbirds

Exhibit C: Peter Griffin from Family Guy...

I only included this because I feel like although it is a cartoon... it depicts a clue in the puzzle.

EXHIBIT D: Aubrey De Grey (longevity specialist)

My argument for this is pretty weak, but I watched him give a speech when he accepted his TED award and he was wearing a T-shirt with a bird on it.

EXHIBIT E: Unknown artist in front of bird he painted.

I should google his name... nope... I have spent enough time on this already today!!!

EXHIBIT F: No idea... Need I SAY MORE?!?!?!?!

This is a flickr photo taken at some beard competition.

EXHIBIT G: Fleet Foxes Lead Singer ROBIN Pecknold

First of all his name is Robin, and he sings about all kinds of birds... medowlarks, hummingbirds, sparrows and seagulls.

EXHIBIT H: Ray LaMontagne

My personal favorite of the bearded musicians (next to Chuck that is) also sings about "silly sparrows" and "callous old crows" Plus he sings a song called Winter Birds.


EXHIBIT I: Chuck Call my husband

Picture that sits on his dresser of a Crane, done by our brother in law Daniel

Chuck's beard in progress.

If anyone has any further insight into this phenomenon I would really be interested.


charles said...

May I be the first to offer a possible insight into this phenomenon. "Correlation does not imply causality." That is to say because A and B are correlated in some way doesn't mean A causes B, or B causes A (or in this case beard causes love of birds or love of birds causes beard).

There may a third, unidentified variable to discover that could be the underlying cause of this. My guess: LOVE OF NATURE. Love of nature, or the natural way of things, could be causing love of birds and love of letting nature take it's course on one's face.

Bottom line: I love beards and birds, probably because I love nature.

P.S. I should have been suspicious when you took that picture and told it was for "research purposes."

jeff and alli said...

This made me chuckle. I have nothing to add really, I hadn't noticed this correlation before, but will probably be on the lookout now.

Toni Jones said...

this has got to be the most random blog post i've ever read! which makes me like you even more! too funny!

The Atomic Mom said...

My cousin's husband has a beard and he likes to go birdwatchin. You might be on to something here.

Tandy said...

Ha! that's my kind of post. maybe it's 'cause beards kinda look like birds' nests. it's psychological. they grow a beard and they feel like they fit-in in that world, right? psychological connectedness. hahahaha
anyway, that's my comment so that you can stalk me back to our blog (;

Simon Mustoe said...

Ha! You might like this which we did last year, with the help of ... bearded bird-loving guitarist Noble from British Sea Power. There are far too many beards in birding ; )