Monday, July 18, 2011

Cures for the Summertime (pregnancy) Blues

Does the hot weather ever make you want to scream! Somedays I want to lock myself in my freezer ( but I don't quite fit). I do have to say that so far I prefer to be pregnant in the summer over the winter (compression stocking and all!!!) thanks to some helpful coping mechanisms. These are a few of our tricks to surviving the summer heat with a big ole belly!

Breezy Cotton Dresses
I just picked the below one up at Target. It is not maternity... but fits over the bump quite nicely. I wear a short sleved tee underneath to make it nice and modest :) I could wear something like this every day... so comfortable and stylish. If anyone knows where to find other dresses like this let me know!!!

Water Time

At least once a day we play in the water... splash pad, pool, hose, buckets, bowls... you name it. It is a must and I try not to care how soggy, or muddy we all get in the process.


Hands down has to be the most refreshing wonder of nature. Chuck and I can throw down an entire melon between the two of us in just a couple of days, needless to say we have purchased quite a few in just the few short months we have lived here. I will add eating other fresh fruit to this as well. I have never understood why on HOT summer days people want to throw meat on a HOT grill... nice cold fruits and vegetables for me please.

Unashamed Dusty Butt

Sorry no picture with this one. I have learned to not care how dirty my backside gets throughout the day. When I want/need to rest my legs I just sit where ever I please. Sandbox, rock pile, wood chips, gravel, grass, cement... you name I'll sit there and rest my tired dogs (oh, shade is also a must with this one).

Visiting Sesame Street

Or as Fiona would call it, "Sunny Day." She likes being outside so much that it is hard to keep her indoors, but I save my secret weapon (an episode of Sesame courtesy of instant Netflix) until the most brutally hot time of the day. Then I load her up with snacks and as much Elmo as she desires.

So there you have it... 31 weeks in the middle of the summer and doing great. Do any of you have any strategies for summer survival?


Toni Jones said...

love the Maxi dresses. I bought myself one at Old Navy and have been wearing it quite a bit, too! I know you guys are off sugar, but Lincoln and i enjoy sharing a popscicle about every other day... always hits the spot!

Oh and did you cut your hair again? I need to know these things!

Megan said...

Tacy, you look great! Glad to hear you are staying cool in this heat. Love Fiona's face in the first picture

The Atomic Mom said...

Joseph just made the same comment about BBQing yesterday. Someone in our neighborhood was grilling. I just wondered why they wanted to burn the rest of town down.

Tacy Marie said...

TONI... Fiona and I totally love popscicles too... I just make fruit smoothies in the blender and then freeze them in molds. Sometimes if I want them sweet we add a little Stevia. Joni chopped my hair before we moved... I SHOULD have called you... LOL

Mommadriver said...

Here is some old-time Mom advice for keeping cool! Carry a spray bottle of water to mist yourself and Fiona (and Chuck) with when you are out and about. It's a life saver--especially on extended outings.

Tammy said...

I love the heat so I just want to be outside. My survival is a swimsuit and a pool that I can jump into.