Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Noteworthy Convo

I keep thinking about the following conversation that Chuck and I had last week and it keeps making me laugh... so I thought I would document it on the internet so that I can remember it forever and giggle.

Noticing the hair party that was bumpin' on the bathroom floor, Tacy ran to the kitchen to grab the broom and take care of it once and for all. However, upon returning to the bathroom she found a toddler splashing in the toilet water and felt the need to exit the bathroom immediately. So she set the broom and dustpan against the bathroom wall and said to herself, "This broom is my reminder to sweep the floor as soon as I have a chance." And off she went to distract Fiona

About 30 minutes later she found herself in the kitchen preparing breakfast, when Chuck enters the kitchen holding the broom.

Tacy: (with a bit of excitement) Did you sweep the bathroom floor?
Chuck: No
Tacy: Oh, I left the broom in there because I was going to sweep the floor.
Chuck: I cleaned the bathroom by removing the broom.
Tacy: Ummmmmm
Chuck: That made absolutely no sense.

Then he put the broom away in the kitchen.

The floor never got swept that day.

The end.

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Mommadriver said...

ha ha ha ha ha...that is SO yin and yang! (Did you watch my brain video?) Well, anyway, that was very funny, and I will be laughing on that one for years to come. I think God made women and men so different just so He could have a good laugh every minute of every day!