Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Little Pony

Another milestone was reached in our house this week. Our very first pony tail. Here are some other cute bathtub smiles as a bonus!!

Fiona has two molars busting through... but is handling it remarkably well. Her vocabulary is also exploding, everyday it seems like she learns a new word. Last night it was "hiding" which came with a long came of hide and seek. I have a new video I will post soon of her talking.

In pregnancy news I am now 29 weeks along. I feel like a million bucks, but contribute it mostly to my diet changes this pregnancy. I try to eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, almost no meat and no refined grains, no milk products and very limited added sugars (cold cereal has been one of the hardest things to let go of). I am not having the nasty swelling, excessive weight gain, arm numbness and mood swings that I did last time. I am learning in new and profound ways just how much what I eat effects the way that I feel, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Life is never without a few bumps though, because I have increased my physical activity so much chasing around Fiona, I am getting nasty varicose veins!!!! You know those bulgy purple and blue veins on your legs.... Not fun and they ache at the end of the day. SO, my midwife prescribed me to wear compression stockings..... nothing like adding an extra layer of clothing to your legs and feet in the summer time! Chuck gets to be the lucky one to help me squeeze into them each morning when I wake up. I think it will remind him of his old job working with wheel chair bound adults because they all wore them too. Once I get them it will be full length pants and closed toed shoes till mid September.

I need one of those battery powered fans that squirts a mist of water in your face. Or maybe Chuck will just have to add hosing down pregnant overdressed wife to his daily to do list.


Mommadriver said...

Ahh, Tacy. Such is the price of Motherhood...but SO worth it!! Just look at that marvelous, beautiful, intellegent little person you and Chuck brought into this world!!! She is a delight to me in all ways, and I love every picture you post. Keep 'em coming!

Love You, Mom

Shum Girl said...

She is darling!
Have your read Women, Food and God?

I love it. It is along those lines of what you said about food.

The Atomic Mom said...

Fi turned into a towhead! Good luck with the molars. James has not done those gracefully at all.