Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flap Meat

38 weeks preggo. I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmellow (wo)Man. My waddle is in full effect and I have been eating an absurd amount of baked goods.

Two mammoth muffins for breakfast... don't mind if I do.

We just moved to our new apartment. Chuck almost single handedly moved our every earthly possession... what a brut. And for those oh too heavy items, the piano included, he had the help of some people from church that we had not really ever met, and a few ladies came and cleaned the whole apartment with me in an hour and a half. I have to hand it to Mormon people for being willing to help complete strangers scrub toilets and move pianos. It is in such occasions I find them extremely deserving of the title "Saints."

Fiona spent most of moving day running up and down the truck ramp... and I spent most of the day chasing her. Instead of helping I felt like damage control. I broke a gigantic jar of pickles that needed to be wiped up. Breaking glass sucks, but breaking glass into a pool of pickles and pickle juice is much worse. Then I went to change a diaper, only to have Fiona roll over and pee on the floor, in my efforts to clean that up I broke a glass picture frame, tried to clean that up, found that Fiona had peed again ON THE MOVING TRUCK. Went to clean that up, and lo and behold found that there were two baby poops also waiting on the truck for me. Cleaned that up. Went to finally diaper my kid (that should have been step one!!!) To find her covered in poo. Cleaned her up, borrowed new clothes from my sister and law and decided that Fiona and I better served the moving process far far away from it. So I had a good cry while I pushed Fiona on the swing and sang the wheels on the bus through my wimpers.

Poor little Fiona though. Moving is just as stressful, if not more, for kids than it is for adults. Mostly because they probably don't know what the heck is happening, and in an instant their whole world changes. That can be really overwhelming. So today I am trying to unpack while entertaining an upset and frazzled 18 month old. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully she will learn to love her new home soon... it really is quite lovely.

Oh I wish I knew how to prepare her for our next big family change of baby number 2.

The adventures of parenthood!! There are a ton of details about this whole having more than one kid that I don't have worked out in my head yet. However, there are probably like 500 women in my immediate surrounding who are making it happen... so I don't doubt that I too shall figure it out. 

Oh, and the Mexican market in American Fork has a sale on Flap Meat, and whenever I drive by I can't get over what a horrible name that is for a piece of steak. It makes me really happy to be a vegetarian.


Clarinda said...

Best line - "Breaking glass sucks, but breaking glass into a pool of pickles and pickle juice is much worse." LOL!

Good luck with all the adjusting. :) You'll do great!

The Atomic Mom said...

It's probably a mistranslation for flank steak or something. And veg? Really, how are you getting your protien for your baby? Doesn't it worry you?