Monday, November 7, 2011


So a little bit more about the oils.... There are lots of different ways to apply essential oils. When I take a doTERRA oil internally I will sometimes just drop it directly in my mouth (which with some oils can be really intense), and other times I will put it into an empty gelatin capsule (you can buy them at health food stores). With the citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon and lime, I will put a few drops in a glass of water They are really refreshing and great for the liver among other things. My husband uses Clove oil to brush his teeth and just puts it right on his toothbrush.

 The feet are a great place to apply any oil. The bottoms of the feet actually have more pores than other parts of the body so the oils are quickly absorbed into the body. This is where I applied the Balance oil. With the other oils I used during pregnancy I applied them all topically but to different places depending on what I was using it for. When using Clary Sage to induce labor I rubbed it into the reflexology points for the uterus near the ankle. For the other oils I put the on different chakras. Geranium on the heart, Sandalwood on the third eye, and Elevation on the solar plexus. If you use Geranium to avoid episiotomy or tears it is best used for perineal massage (must be diluted with a carrier oil, I recommend fractionated coconut oil, also sold by doTerra).

In response to commentary on the last post. Yes... they are a little pricey initially. It is an investment for your health and oils will last a long time (depending how you use them). If you are just curious to know if you will like using essential oils there are some starter kits that are a great introduction. That is how Chuck and I started our oil collection. 

And, yes they are sold in Utah. Headquarters are in Orem, Yet you buy them through independent product consultants. The company is set up in a multilevel marketing way. WAIT DON'T RUN AWAY!! Chuck and I have always joked around about multilevel marketing and then we go and sign up!!!! HOWEVER, doTERRA is cool because if you sign up ($35.00 fee) you get to buy the oils wholesale (25% cheaper) instead of market value BUT you don't actually have to do the business side of it. 

So why am I talking so much about these???? Because I just think they are remarkably remarkable. They have been so amazing for my family and kids. You just HAVE to try them. Write me and I'll come give a foot massage, serious! 

Here is a link to a video that give more info.


The Atomic Mom said...

HAHAHAAAaaaaaaaaaa! Multi-level marketing....they got you! OH NO! You've been Utah-ed! :) Just kidding. I can't tell you, how many times, just in college I was approached to do MLMs. Um, hello, I was in college! made me laugh. :)

Toni Call said...

I have mixed emotions about essential oils. I'd actually love to talk to you about some of the ones you used during your labor/delivery... i have some questions. I'll try to give you a call today or tomorrow hopefully.

Chuck said...

Hello Atomic Mom,

Just wanted to reiterate what Tacy said which is that you don't have to do the MLM thing if you don't want to. If you just want to buy the oils you are free to do so at retail price, or at wholesale price with an initial membership fee of $35. Obviously there are plenty of incentives to doing the business MLM side of it, but as far as just getting the oils, those are the two options available. If you sign up to just get the oils at wholesale, I don't believe that the person who signs you up even gets any sort of incentive.

You might have understood all of that from her post, but just in case...

Good luck!


Creole Wisdom said...

Jana also does this and has me hooked on oils. I am natural lady already so essential oils just fit right into my life philosophy.

I haven't purchased any yet, but I love when Jana makes me a little capsule for the day when I visit :)

So glad these work for you and they were so helpful during pregnancy #2

katie said...

I have to say......i am also completely hooked on essential oils from Doterra. we live on them! Ok, not really, but they definitely help A LOT of things go much smoother with my family both physically and emotionally. We're to the point where the kids come up to me every night and say "mom!! I need my sleepy oil!! (lavender)". sounds kinda brain-washy, but it really helps!! We've been doing oils for like a year or so, but a really good example of how they work is lately, i've noticed that the kids have been bringing home runny noses and coughs from school, but i oil them up with 'On Gaurd' or 'Melaleuca' or even 'Frankincense' and it only lasts a day max. Usually, every year we get the whole shibang of sicknesses ranging from Influenza B to whooping cough. And then we pass it all around for a few weeks to each other until it gets back to the person it started with, then it starts over for another few weeks!! BUT, not this year!!! I love it. It's like a sense of security knowing that you can give your kids a leg up on sickness and health. It also makes a huge difference in our daily attitudes. If i wake up feeling negative, a few drops of lemon or peppermint give me nice little positive kick in the pants!! i could go on forever. oh, i was going to add that i too used Clary Sage when i was in labor last time, and i swear, it made a difference in the predictability and consistency of the contractions, among other things....

stacy said...

So, do you think there is a big difference between these and other essential oils? For example, my mother in law is always trying to hand me her Young Living oils. I have some, but I would like a few others to aide in the birth of my first baby. Do you think doTerra is much better than the Young Living oils my mother in law wants to give me?
Stacy (Rogers) Duncombe