Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm in Psycho-ville, and Finkle's the Mayor

There is this guy in my office that gives me the willies... big time. The first time I met him I was punching numbers away on the 10-key, when I felt someone looking at me. I lifted my eyes from the computer screen... and YIKES there he was inches away from me. He came over to compliment me on getting a new name plate for my cubicle (ya right buddy nice excuse), and proceeded to try and make small talk with me.
I of course was nice to him, answered his questions, smiled politely and acted interested in what he was saying... the second he left everyone around me started laughing. "What?" I asked. Marty said, "Looks like someone has a new friend." Turns out this guy makes his way around the office each day talking to all the young single women and I had just been added to the list of stop bys. This guy always seems to sneak up on me when I least expect it and talk to me about things that usually inhance my uncomfortable feelings about him. Like the other day he was talking about living at his parents house still and staying up all night partying at the bar with his buddies... now... I still live with my parents, but this guy is almost 40... and he talks to me like he is one of my college friends or something. Often he'll ask me if I was up really late with my friends, or if I had a "wild" weekend. OH he makes me want to PUKE!!!!
Lately when he comes to my desk I act like I am on a very important assignment and don't even have a moment to take my eyes from the computer screen... We all know that I am usually anything but busy, however I don't know what else to do.
Today though he told me that he only has 2 weeks left there.... Wooo Hooo! Then he told me that he plans on spending the next few months sleeping in until 10:00 and sitting in his PJ's watching cartoons and eating cereal till the afternoon, then at night he is going to take classes and go back to school. He said, "And I bet you thought that there was nothing going on up here (pointing to his head)." {Fake Laugh}Ummm actually Sir... I try not to think about you at all... not your brain or anything about you... I really wish you would not stand so close to my cubicle, you are scaring me!!!!!!!

So... Do I just put up with this for two more weeks, or should I say something?


Mary said...

Hi, Tacy
I was amused at your blog...there will always be crazies in your life, and I think you are handling this OK. "Just Smile and Wave...Goodbye"
When someone is a few bubbles off center, it is generally impossible to reach them with any kind of sane logic. You try not to embarrass them, or be unkind, but don't give them too much to work with, either. They'll take that to the bank as a really deep relationship.

David said...

Aw man! I thought this post was about me, but then I realized I never visit you at your cube other than to present you with awards or see you Christmas tree. (I hope that's down by now by the way)

UrbanPony said...

I'd put up for two more weeks.
I enjoy reading your blogs.

Andersonland said...

Oh my gosh, the mental picture I have of this guy is strangely hilarious but frighteningly sorry to hear that you too are a weirdo magnet. Just endure it and then Creepy McDude will be out of your life for ever.

Although, if you are his main lady, maybe he will invite you over to his man-cave in Mom's basement for some Mario Kart and cheese-puffs.