Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coccinella septempunctata... insects with a hidden agenda.

Do NOT let the polka dots fool you. Lady bugs are on the hunt and they are after YOUR BRAIN!!! It was about 4:00 in the A.M. last night when I subconsciously reached to scratch my ear... I was horrified when my finger came into contact with a small object which was then shoved INTO my ear during my scratch. I awoke with a fright... "WHAT JUST WENT INTO MY EAR!!!!!!" I was horrified, had a hallucinated it... was it nothing, a big ball of ear wax... WHAT!?!??!?!?
As I sat there momentarily in a slight state of confusion, I felt something crawling IN my ear canal. It was so close to my ear drum I could hear every little movement of it's tiny feet. I began to violently shake my head to the side... "Oh please come OUT! GET OUT!" I was envisioning some critter gnawing on my brain... causing me to go deaf... laying eggs of it's prodigy in my head, and many other weird science fiction plots I have seen in the past.
I ran down the stairs in a panic! I was staying at Chuck's parents house and so I ran to wake him up on the couch. "Chuck Wake up! There is a lady bug in my ear!" I laid down on the floor and began once again to shake my head to the side.
And soon after it fell right out. Which was a relief that I could show Chuck the evidence of there being a bug in my ear... instead of just looking like a crazy person shaking my head at 4:00 in the morning.
The whole incident was short lived, however... I am not happy about having one more thing to be nervous about when I fall asleep each night. As if the thought of spiders crawling into my mouth was not enough. Above is a photograph I snapped of the Lady Bug right before I brutally squished him. He really did whisper that in my ear too and let out an evil cackle.
Well looks like I am going to be sleeping with cotton balls in my ears for awhile until I work past this new phobia. I hope you never have to experience this for yourselves.


Sara said...

Eww eww eww! That is SO gross!

Karen said...

Glad it was you and not me???? jk. If that happened to me all I would say about it, is that a bug was in my ear. You can sure tell a story about it. So it's good it happens to people like you, know what I mean??? Have a good day.