Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bomb Threats and Cowboy boots

I wore my cowboy boots this morning (given to me by Chuck's sister Katie!) as a symbol of my desire to kick butt today at school. I had a beast of a paper to finish and hand in... I finished it in record time (well considering it was already a day late :)

Then my night class was just cancelled because someone made a bomb threat on the West Bank of campus. I don't know why people feel the need to cause such pandemonium and fear in the hearts of faculty and students. However I would like to publicly thank the crazy bomb threat stranger for saving me the 3 hours in Management lecture. I hope you were just some bored burnout joking around with your friends and not a psycho with a bomb.

Please don't actually blow anything up.

The semester is almost over... just have to barrel through finals. My motivation has been limited all semester and it is getting even worse with the summertime and of course my wedding on the horizon. One week to go.... YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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