Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my liitle butter cup

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone. For some reason in high school, my friends and I used to always have a big celebration on Cinco De Mayo... even though we had no idea what it was really about. We just wanted to have a reason to scream "HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!" out of our car windows and throw a party. I think the Cinco De Mayo celebration that happens in Minnesota is primarily just an excuse for people to drink margaritas on a weekday.... it seems to be a very profitable night at the bars, kind of like people who aren't Irish getting all dressed up in green and acting like fools on St. Patricks Day. So if you are a caucasian getting all hyped up for Cinco De Mayo just know that you might stand out a little bit, just like the musical production of My LIttle Butter Cup sung to a bunch of Mexican outlaws. Enjoy. And please don't drink and drive.

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