Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4th and Goal

4 days till we tie the knot, get hitched, ring the bell, jump the broom, take the plunge... wed, unite, unify... (insert other cleaver synonyms here). Today was a roller coaster ride of emotions, for a lot of reasons... but mostly because everything is just falling into place so perfectly, like this incredibly beautiful fairytale. I even get to wear a fancy princess dress!!! Thanks to Chuck for helping all of my dreams to come true... what a guy!

As a side note:
Did you know that for most of my life I have avoided buying white clothing due to the fact that I almost always spill something on myself... it will be interesting to have a full blown white outfit on... good thing we are not serving sloppy Joe's and red Kool-aid.

Today's bit of marital advice...
"Always be yourself, and never stop laughing together!"
-- Cousin Jenny

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