Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My life in Bags

I am sure some of you will remember a post that I wrote a few months ago entitled My life in Piles. However I have since switched from piles to bags because it seems I am constantly on the move and needed a way to transport my piles. I am in essence a bag lady, and as such I thought I would spotlight the current bags in my life.

Ahhhh, the lower back friendly air bag... purchased on my mission and sold at your local shoe store. I like to carry my scriptures in here when I am on the go... in essence it is my "Sporty Scripture bag"
This sparkly little number is a new addition, received at a bridal shower and stuffed with all of the lotions and body sprays my little heart could ever desire.

Gym Bag... turned overnight bag.

This is the Sunday Scripture bag... used to haul my journals, pencils, tissues, lip gloss (never leave home without it!) and many other goodies that I may need during a 3 hour church block.

Black and white stripped make up bag.... an oldie but goodie. ALSO essential in overnights, filled with make-up, picks, bobby pins, Q-tips, contact stuff etc...

Who could survive with out a perfume bag, and another small little bag that matches your make-up bag to stick random things in like rings and hair binders.

The Hawaiian print nail care kit, home to my monkey head toe spacers.... I love painting my toe nails.

The Back Pack... (aka The Back Killer) which THANK GOODNESS, will be retired for the summer in just a few short days. This is pretty much a permanent attachment to my body during the school year. Also purchased on my mission at the good ole' MTC.

My NEW pink and orange polka dot make-up bag... also full of new make-up received at bridal showers and my Bare Essentials kit that my mom got for me (as a side note it really is the best foundation make-up ever created).

And last but definitely not least, my brown leather purse... on sale at Macy's. This used to be home to my moola... but it now just filled with receipts and credit cards I really should cut up. However now it serves as my camera case, and transport to lip gloss and gum.
You would think that I would have devised some sort of way to consolidate. I feel so bad for Chuck who is always so very helpful to me... it seems everywhere we go he is hauling at least two of my bags and I usually have one in tow.
I think I ask myself this questions at least three times a day...
"Now which bag did I put that in?"


Sara said...

Nice post, Tacy! :)

My problem is that I am constantly switching match different outfits. I need to work on that!

It would be so much easier if I just had multiple important items in EVERY purse and I never had to switch anything around!

How's your dress?? Finished?? I just bought mine on Monday! I LOVE that we are getting married so close to each other!

The Atomic Mom said...

You and me could be sisters with our bags. I have a small probmlem with too many purses, but then again is there a thing as too many purses? Take comfort in the fact that you don't have garbage bags as luggage. :)