Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Finals

Hours and hours of studying.... it's so hard for a girl to keep her mind focused. Did I mention to anyone that I am getting married in 8 days!!!!!!! (Scream, gasp, sigh, faint). My roommate and I were camped out in the living room the other day putting in diligent hours of finals prep. Those who know me know that I can not sit still to save my life. This condition is worsened when I am doing incredibly mundane and boring things, like re-listening to course lectures online and reviewing notes.
My roommate turned away from her computer to find me in this position... and we started laughing. We decided to document it... yes it was really uncomfortable and that is precisely why I was in this position.... no pain no gain. If I get cozy with a book, it will no doubt only be moments until I am snoozing.

Only 1 final to go... the dreaded Microbiology. Then I have a whole week to prepare for the big day, I have tried to not have too many little details to take care of. My mom is pretty much finished with the dress (can't wait to show you all the amazing job that she did). More wedding day updates to come this week.

Hope your finals went well... and if you have any left, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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