Monday, March 8, 2010

How about now?

I would like to say that I am not awake blogging at 2:30 am.... but after a very disturbing dream about my finding a man dressed as a Shepherd standing quietly in my house staring at me I just haven't been able to fall back asleep properly. I actually don't know if he was dressed like a Shepherd or was an actual Shepherd, needless to say it's all speculation and I was dreaming anyways so it doesn't matter in the least.
Plus right around midnight I was 87.67 % sure I was going into labor... but have since ruled out the intense discomfort and phantom bathroom urges to something I ate. But waking up 6 times before 2:00 am with the thought of "Am I in labor now?" is cause to get out of bed and have my ceremonial middle of the night bowl of cereal. Tonight Crispix with honey. I will most likely put my Rainbow relaxation CD on and fall back asleep. I just hate lying in bed though and keeping my poor husband up who has to leave for work in less than 3 hours.

Since I am up, I thought I would tell you about my baby showers. On Saturday I had a double header. A shower in the morning with many of my old friends from high school and one in the evening with my family. It was so good to see so many people that have meant a lot to me over the years, and have a good laugh with them. I was really grateful to Lindsey my old roommate who threw the morning event for rallying up a portion of the old crew and making such a delicious brunch!
It was a long day but I was doing what I love to do and that is open presents.... I am an official present junkie, it doesn't even matter if the gift is not for me, I just like opening things. These gifts with the exception of 2 were for baby girl. I wish she could have seen all the people who were there excited for her to be born and showering her with love and lots of clothes clothes clothes.

This is me sitting with a portion of the spoil. Chuck was having a hard time capturing it all in one shot. We had to take a conversion van to get it all home. What a lucky little baby. She has like 15 new blankets alone. Scratch that I actually just went and counted and she has 21 blankets. Chuck and I's favorite of course is the handmade quilt that her grandma Call made her.

You might not be able to see but it has little red lady bugs on it that I love. Someone bought her a little outfit too that says "Little lady" and matches this quilt perfectly. It's nice that my baby will be able to accessorize so wonderfully.

I also really enjoyed having my sister who drove down from Fargo, ND to help put the evening shower together. She got me this purple snake skin purse to use as a diaper bag and filled it with a matching bottle, diapers and stuffed purple monkey.

My mom did an amazing job decorating. She even had the woman who made Chuck and I's wedding cake, do this adorable butterfly cake for the shower.

And this is a diaper cake that she made, it took 109 infant diapers to construct and is covered with toys and ribbons for baby to play with.

So my baby shower having days are over. Now I just have to figure out where to put all of this stuff and of course start the writing of Thank-You notes.... which I don't even feel are adequate to express my gratitude for the kindness of all the lovely ladies who attended. And especially my mom and sister who have been so wonderful to me and are going to be an amazing grandma and auntie to this child. I'll say it again.

Ok, time to try sleep... but if I see that Shepherd again I will totally go wolf style on his flock. DON'T MESS WITH ME I'M 37 WEEKS PREGNANT!!


Amy said...

don't worry - all 21 blankets will be used!! And those diapers will all be used up in no time. :) That quilt is sooo beautiful!
And don't believe that all first pregnancies end in overdue babies. Ava was born at 38 weeks. But it looks like you're ready, so good luck! Can't wait to see her beautiful little face!

Daniel said...

wow! what a lucky little baby! i have been thinking hard about what to get for you guys, but it looks like you are pretty well set! it is so funny that you mention being a present junkie because i am too! only my addiction has gotten worse, i have to open every piece of mail that comes into our house, i don't even really care whats inside. if i go to other peoples houses and see unopened mail or packages my palms start sweating and i get nervous and start thinking to myself" are they going to open that? don't they want to know whats inside? maybe they won;t notice if i sneak over there and open it..."

The Atomic Mom said...

Nice haul on the baby shower stuff. Put some of those nice things away for the next baby. We recieved many, many beautiful blankets and outfits, so I have a box full of things for any subsequent babies my shriveled ovaries might be able to squeeze out.

As for going into labor. I was in pre-labor for about 2 weeks before my induction date--once he dropped my labor started. in fact the day of my last drs appt I was having some really intense contractions and I was sure they'd send me right over to the hospital. I wasn't and they didn't but it's still a nervous experience. When you cannot sit thru the contractions and of course when your water breaks, then be concerned. But you will know when the real labor starts, those contractions are just different than prelabor...they just are. But I'm sure you are closer to the hospital than we were too, so you'll be fine. My biggest fear was that I'd be in labor and we'd have to stop and have the baby in the Camel Rock Casino parking lot with Channel 13 looking on.