Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No thanks....

There sure are a lot of things out there to spend your money on... here are three you could probably pass on.
Number ONE

I love Cheerios (mulitigrain are my favs) however I was not impressed with their new chocolate variety made with real cocoa. I bought a box last night at the grocery store and was excited to try them after dinner. They taste like a weak imitation of Coco Puffs, and they don't turn your milk very chocolaty for post-cereal guzzle. Chuck's review was similar, nothing special but they "get the job done."

My advice is for Cheerios to leave the chocolating of cereals to the experts.

Namely Sonny who goes Coo Coo for the opportunity to fill your breakfast bowl with chocolate.


Ummmm... what can I say about this. I have nothing against Michelle Obama the human being, yet I do find the Danbury Mint's Inagural Doll, to be a complete waste of money. It leaves me begging to know WHO? WHO Buys this stuff. My mind instantly envisions the home of a home shopping network addict, plastered wall to wall with little shelves full of dusty figures such as this one... or I think of weirdo guys like Steve Buscemi's character in the movie Billy Madison (shown in his classic scene putting on lipstick).

If you so desire the doll can be yours for only $149.00 plus $9.00 shipping and handling, or four monthly installments of just $39.50 each. Because the words are so small in the photo I will highlight for you some of the selling points.

"Few will ever forget the image of Michelle Obama- statuesque, stylish and confident - gliding down the steps of the Inaugural Ball in a powdery white chiffon gown... Now YOU can own a spectacular portrayal of this historic evening. The doll is crafted entirely of fine porcelain and artfully hand painted... and the dolls head and arms are fully poseable adding to it's lifelike appearance. The dolls gown is lavishly embellished with hand-sewn flowers and sparkling crystals and her diamond drop earrings and stunning bangle bracelets and diamond signet ring have also been beautifully replicated. Order today! If you are not absolutely delighted, you may return the doll within 30 days for replacement or refund."


I might catch heat on this one. As a preface just let me say that I am not a Twilight Super fan and I do not read the books (which to many people might make what I am about to say invalid).
This movie blows.
We spent one dollar renting it from Redbox, and I want my money back.
The acting is horrible, the dialogue is even worse... and It sends a really messed up message to young girls about how to handle "break-ups" which is an inevitable occurrence in about 99.9% of our lives (I made that stat up).
I could give countless specifics, yet I feel there have already been countless bad reviews that I would only be repeating.
However I will just bullet point a few items to consider and perhaps if you feel the same way as I do about the movie they might give you a good chuckle.
  • Bella... the adrenaline Junkie
  • Face Punch... the movie
  • Your typical werewolf attire (no shirt, no shoes at your service)
  • 3 joggers presumed dead in the woods, all the more reason to lie down there and take a nice nap in the dark


Tammy said...

agreed, agreed, agreed.

Megan said...

"Put your gun down or I'll blow your face off!"

"Put your gun down or I'll blow your face off!" (Other Guy)

"Put both your guns down or I'll blow both your faces off!" (New Guy)

Face Punch was probably the best part of that whole movie. Sadly...

Tacy Marie said...

LOL... Chuck and I could not stop laughing about that. I think Chuck did say just exactly that... it was the best part of the movie.

The Atomic Mom said...

1 On Cheerios...fruty cheerios were a flop too...just get the Froot Loops next time.

2--Who buys any Obama crap. Or any "commerative crap" for that matter. Seriously people.

3--New Moon. Very stupid movie, as was the book. Made me both want to drink poison. Eclipse is much better -- the thrid story in the series. However, I have come to the conclusion that you either LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...ohmygoshIwantomarryEdward! the Twilight series or you don't. I lean towards don't. Although I did read all the books when I was pregnant because I couldn't do anything else.

HAHA funny word verf: laticava = latin for the cave in which you lactate.