Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday I walked out of my final exam realizing that I only have one test left. And normally I would feel really excited to be so close to being done, but it was a bittersweet feeling. On Monday at 5:30 pm I will be a college graduate!! As I started this endeavor to get an undergraduate degree when I was 18... this is a long time coming and much anticipated.

I must say that I enjoy school. I like being surrounded by people who want to learn, and the stimulating conversations that my professors lead me to have with Chuck. Plus lecture has served as my mommy breaks over the last few months, which are essential to sanity and survival. I have learned so much about food and nutrition over the last few years and now I wonder how I will use all of this great stuff in my brain.

With school almost done though, it means that I will start focusing on the big move to Utah. My plane leaves June 2nd.... that is going to come soooo fast. I will miss the Minnesota Lakes more than anything (ok I will miss family first and then lakes) . There is nothing more refreshing than to be pregnant and floating weightless in a cool body of water.

Chuck and I had a BRILLIANT idea for a small business yesterday (well it's been done before but has not been tapped into fully in Utah) and our minds have been going a mile a minute about it. Hopefully there will more details to share with you at a future date and time. Now we just have to figure out how to fund our big ideas.

Why is it that you always seem to need money to make money.

And why is Gas so expensive!!!!

And if I don't talk to you before Sunday. Happy Mother's Day! I am grateful that someone decided there should be a national holiday to honor the work of Mothers! I know that for most of the rest of the year your work is Thank-Less and goes unnoticed by the world at large even though I would argue it is the most important work you can do. So keep up the good work, you inspire me to keep going when the going is tough.

A big shout out to my own mommy, who is the MOST generous and thoughtful person I know. She also is the best-est Grandma any little girl could ask for... or mommy of a little girl for that matter. When I had Fiona my mom made it a point to stock her house with every single item a baby might need... high chair, bottles, food, diapers, wipes, stroller,bath toys pack and play... seriously you name it. She did it so that it was easy for us to come. I don't have to frantically run through my house before I go over there getting Fiona's stuff together.... it is SUPER liberating to just walk out the front door with out a hands full of baby things. My mom has been my greatest strength and support to making to transition into Motherhood. I have treasured her wisdom, advice but more often just comfort when I am struggling. She is teaching me very well how I will want to help my daughters someday when they have families of their own. She calls that Paying It Foreward... I call it leaving a Legacy of Love.

This is from our Christmas photo shoot. It hangs on our fridge and Fiona points to it everyday and says... Na na... that means Grandma ;)

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Toni Jones said...

Obviously i don't know your mom very well at all, but i just gotta say that the few times i've spent with her i really enjoyed. She is such a neat person and so fun to be around and has a way of making you feel so loved! You have a great mamma indeed. And lastly i just have to say that you look absolutely beautiful in that picture! My mom just walked in the room as i was looking at it and she said "Wow, Tacy is really pretty!"