Monday, May 16, 2011


These days Fiona can not get enough of the great outdoors, in fact the other day I think we made 8 trips outside to chase ants, look at birds, suck on sticks and pace the sidewalks. Fiona can't quite say "Outside" yet, but around here Keys means the same thing. She knows that they have the power to unlock the magic of the outside world. It sure keeps me busy...

Today is gorgeous and will be a day full of keys.

Here are some shots of her outside at Grandmas house.

Pinwheel and Daddy

Kita and Fiona in the wagon.

This only lasted about 3 minutes (just long enough to get a few photos) Fiona quickly began trying to pull the dogs legs out of socket which led to some nipping which led to the removal of the dog from the wagon. It was cute while it lasted ;)

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The Atomic Mom said...

James is an outside kid too. We do not say, outside, park, play or backyard in his presence, unless we are prepared to follow thru...