Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bye Bye Buffalo

I am done with school. Right after I finished someone asked me if I felt relieved... I seriously feel like I let go of a buffalo I had been carrying on my back. So ya, I feel relieved buffaloes are stinkin heavy.

I would like to Thank the U of M for my education, but not for all of the drama they put me through. If I ever needed help with something it was like, "Ok, I cant' help you but if you walk X miles to the other side of campus maybe this person can assist you." Only to have that person to tell me to go back where I started. And so on an so forth. One time I had a problem with a printing fee and I had to talk to (no joke) 17 people before I got it resolved. And this was not only personal visits but phone calls and e-mails too. All person number 17 had to do was push a button on their computer. Sometimes in huge bureaucratic organizations finding the button pusher can be a major investigation.

I will also not miss the over sized and over priced stadium that your mediocre football team plays in, or the over priced everything that you sell in your bookstores and eating establishments on campus ($7.00 for a bagel sandwich... who are you kidding!!!!!)

You have taken from me more money than I can at this time comprehend paying you... but University of Minnesota I have gained something priceless... thanks for the knowledge. It sure will come in handy (it already has).

This is Tacy Call, better known by the University as, 2617960 saying goodbye to college for now, onto the next phase of life. Utah, Point Five (that is what Chuck and I have endearingly named the new baby), and many more adventures I am sure.....

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Clarinda said...

Buffaloes are WAY heavier than monkeys, I'd guess. :) Congrats on finishing your degree!

Shum Girl said...

Congratulations! Good job! Utah welcomes you.

Tandy said...

ha! better known by the university as 90634819 whatever. THAT is priceless. you crack me up.
great blog, tacy. very insightful and funny as you always are.

The Atomic Mom said...

YAY!! If you ever get back to LA, we'll have a party for you! :)