Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moving on Up

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!! A real live job, with people and office supplies. There is even a 24 story building, and a fish tank... elevators.... people all dressed up and serious and security guards.
After the long and strenuous last three months of job searching... OK that's stretching it a little... long perhaps but sending in resumes online doesn't tend to be too strenuous, well maybe my fingers cramped up a time or two from typing sooo much, and my eyes were a little strained.... sorry where was I. Oh ya, so two days ago I got a phone call from a bank I applied to and they gave me an offer, I didn't except right away though because I was waiting to hear from the "silver tuna" (the job that would pay me much better). So I set out to call them and find out what was going on... but they called me first and offered me the position. Naturally I called the bank and laughed at them... "You'll never have me!!!!" OK so that's not true either. I politely told them thank you for their time and the offer, but I had something better.
Enough Rambling, my new job is at RBC Dain Rauscher in downtown Minneapolis. I am going to take the bus, and dress up and be all professional. Beth, I am reminded of Drop Dead Fred when he told Snot Face (Phoebe Cates), "We're grown-ups now!"
Could my life possibly be any better this week!!!! Of Course it could, I went to the zoo yesterday!!! Allow me to share some of the things I saw.

On the left is Bill, He just kept staring at me, I think he likes me... and kind of a camera hog. He wouldn't let any of the other fish get into the shot. Below is some of the lilly pads that were above his tank.

The vegetation at the zoo is my favorite part, we spent most of our time with the flowers and trees. We made sure not to miss seeing the Monkeys. And when I say we for all who don't know her I mean the lovely Sara Clark... she's a monkey a hugger.

ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! I got stuff to do today, perhaps I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, until then I'll leave you with the same salutation that my high school principle would give us at the end of announcements. "Have a Good day.... OR NOT, The choice is yours!"

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