Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sucked In

Well, each and everyday I sit down with high hopes of the things I will accomplish in the day, then I check my e-mail. It seems like such a small thing, "Oh, it will just take me a second..." I foolishly tell myself. Then without fail I get sucked in.. and three hours later I emerge from my computer chair, dry eyed and sleepy. So today as I sat studying the difference of soluble and insoluble fiber (I want to be a nutritionist someday you know), Sara instant messaged me and told me about something called a Blog. I had no idea what they were having been so sheltered from the technological world for 18 months on my mission in New Mexico. I was quite impressed and thought... now this is what I should spend my day doing. I would like to welcome you all to my Blog, it will no doubt be quite boring until I figure out how to add stuff and spice it up, but what better way to waste valuable time. This actually is a great idea for keeping everybody posted and staying in touch, so I guess this is a noble cause.


cureta said...

Hmmmmmmmm. forgot what I wrote before I had to create a goodle account. Anyway, love your blog site, look forward to seeing it develope. Boys just got here (Anthony and JP) so will keep this short. Tell me all about bf. Take care, luv and miss ya!

James & Amy said...

Taci!! Love the blog! You must be computer savvy because putting a playlist up took me hours, maybe even days. I'm happy you're back from the mission! Did you ever meet an Elder Ulmer?

Mary said...

Tacy, You are a wiz at this blog-thing! It seems like a harmless, fun way to keep in touch with friends, etc. And, of course, you are a GREAT writer, too...It's always interesting to hear what you have to say.
Love Ya,