Thursday, July 26, 2007

This Crazy World

Yesterday I went to volunteer for the hospital... you know give back to the community, and help the sick, lift the hands that hang low and all that good stuff. You would think that people would be excited by your willingness to help and want your free labor. I mean I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!
Well, after a TWO hour orientation including over 10 pages of paperwork... you know a background check, two quizzes one on fire safety and the other on HIPPA which is the policy which keeps patients information confidential. We also had to learn how to wash our hands, and all of the codes and what they mean... like code blue (respiratory failure) and code pink (Someone is trying to steal a baby!!)
I felt like I had just gone through medical school... after that two hours I feel like I should be a doctor there (not to trivialize what doctors do or anything). Well... there is more to do, I have to buy a $12.00 uniform, pay the $5.00 auxiliary fee, have a Mantoux test for tuberculosis, and have blood drawn in the lab for further testing.
I just want to read people their mail, hand out flowers and wheel sick people around in wheelchairs... so what's with the investigation. I suppose it's nothing new for me to tell you that we live in a crazy world. There are so many nutz-O people walking around that everyone is on the defence. People can't tell anymore if you are just a good honest person or a ruthless baby stealer. I mean I understand hospital security and all... it's just sad that that's the way it has to be. SO if you are crazy... QUIT IT your ruining it for the rest of us!!!!!

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