Monday, June 7, 2010

Eagle Engine Cured

Chuck and I have been turning a lot of heads lately when we cruise around town... and not because we are ridiculously good looking either. We drive a 2002 Nissan with incredibly bad hail damage and for the past few weeks (ok months) both of the belts were cracked and would squeal like we had a live eagle strapped to the engine.

We got an estimate of how much it would be to repair... and since we budget ZERO to keep up our car any price would have been way over budget. However I was thinking we HAVE to fix this and not just out of annoyance of the shrieking eagle, but for safety reasons too. My husband decided that he was going to do it himself...

Ok, so Chuck (Bless his heart) is not a mechanic. We have a SMALL collection of tools and NONE of the cool car gadgets like the little cart you wheel yourself underneath with. I tried to discourage this decision thinking that it would be so much easier to let the experts handle this one.

He went out to the garage to begin sometime in the morning. And hour after hour would go by... and he would still be out there. I thought to myself, we are going to have to get a mechanic to fix this... and I worried that now we would have to have it towed to the mechanic instead of being able to drive it. Dinner time came and it was still not done, but Chuck was convinced he would be able to get it done.

I wondered is this some stubborn man thing? Is he worried that if he excepts defeat he will somehow feel less manly? I was ready to stomp out there and tell him no more messing around! Enough is enough.

But he had finished.

(Chuck kindly letting my Blog obsessed self snap a photo of him in his greased up state)


I am so impressed with his determination and that he saved us huge chunk of change by doing it himself. He said that even though it took him a LONG time, he learned a lot about what not to do next time and where to find things in the engine.

I (of course) felt the need to document the occasion.

Nothing like getting your hands dirty

Thanks Chuck


karen said...

Does Chuck want to keep up the knowledge in his head? He can come fix my car! It's small........... ;)

jeff and alli said...

wow, way to go!