Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So for the past few years I have telling people that I don't Facebook... but this morning I decided to open an account, only to find out that I already had one. LOL I opened a Facebook account back in 2007 I just never did anything with it. I assumed it was closed down, but much to my surprise it was still there, with a profile pic of me and an old boyfriend. I have removed the photo and added a few more. I am not really familiar with the program, so it might take me a few weeks to figure out how to use it right.

SO hey family and friends, add me so I can see you guys.

Love Tacy Marie


The Atomic Mom said...

Make sure you to to the privacy settings and set all of your privacy settings to that only your friends can see your picutres and information. It's on the uppoer right corner, under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

Karen said...

Glad to see you there. I don't go there often either. But it's good to catch up on friends and all that fun stuff.