Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fiona"s Voice

My favorite time of the day is when Fiona is wide awake and talking. I often find her in the morning coo-ing at the butterflies on her crib bumper. He voice is so sweet and girly... I love it!


Toni Jones said...

she really does have a girly voice, i love it!

Mommadriver said...

I am Totally GaGa over this baby! All I do is think about her, her Beauty. I Just watched her cuing about six times in a row...can't get enough. Tacy, her little voice and expressions on her face are YOU! I was thinking about the dream you said you had where her first word was "Gramma" (Of course I wouldn't mind that at all, and I'm sure neither would Joni...LOL!) And then I was having a conversation with "bigger Fiona", where I was explaining to her that even though she loves her Grameemare, she must always listen to Mommy and be obedient..." Just so you know, I'll spoil her with love, but back you up when it comes to discipline...oh my, I'm really getting ahead of myself here. Oh well, I just LOVE thinking about having Fiona around.