Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink with Blue Trim

I absolutely adore this outfit of Fiona's. Perhaps it is because it says Mommy's little girl, or because of the pants which you can't see but are little ruffle pocket butterfly print. Trouble is that each of the four times that I have ever dressed her in it she has some diaper fiasco and it never lasts past lunch.

Yesterday was no exception, and I found myself scrubbing them in the bathroom sink around 1:00. It's almost as if does it to be funny, like she is teasing me because I get so excited when I put her in it. Sad to say that the pink with blue trim outfit is already ready for retirement as she will probably be too big to wear it by the next time I do her laundry.

It is 7:30 a.m. which means that right now I am wide awake, while Fiona is deep in baby slumberland. I sit at the computer hoping that you all updated your blogs so I can have something to read... and now posting out of sheer boredom. My next step will be to crack open Les Miserables (which is an incredible book by the way). I am on page 630 which means only 833 more to go.

I get so excited every morning when she finally wakes up... because then I have someone to play with and I can have an excuse for wanting to hear the frog song on her new toy. Can you tell that we don't own a television?!

I am sooo glad that I am able to work at home and be able to spend all day with her. What a lucky mommy.


Tammy said...

I still get sad when Eva grows out of cute outfits. It means your kids are getting much too big!

Heidi said...

The baby I watch has that same outfit! So cute!
I just got my internet back on, and I need to update my blogs today, For SURE!

jeff and alli said...

I so relate to this post. Isla has an outfit that always seems to get some unfair mess.