Monday, January 19, 2009

Congrats Jenny!!!!

This weekend my former roommate Jenny was married to Ted Simper! She looked so beautiful in a dress masterfully sown for her by her mother. This photo taken above was done by Katie Harris, who I must give credit to and encourage you to check out her website "Creole Wisdom" to see some of her other work.

It was so much fun to watch her fall in love and get to be a part of her life during such a joyous time. THANK YOU JENNY, I don't know if I will adequately be able to express to you how much I have loved knowing you, and look forward to always being friends.

She is moving to Alaska with her husband where he works as a pharmacist. I want to convince her to start a BLOG to share with all of us in Minnesota her wonderful tales of Alaska, Polar Bears, Ice bergs, Igloos and whatever else they should happen to encounter.

My favorite part of the reception was when Ted performed a song for her that he composed on the piano... he truly captured her personality and his love for her in music.

Way to got Ted... you are the MAN, please take good care of out dearest Jenny...

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Creole Wisdom said...

Thanks for the plug. : )