Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is SuRe to Be MigHtY FiNE

HaPpy NeW Year EvERy One!!!!! Hope your celebration was momentous... you can see I had quite an explosive night! I oddly enough had about 50 sparklers in my closet left over from the Fourth of July and could think of nothing more fitting than to light them off after midnight to ring in the New Year.

I enlisted the help of some extra hands for purposes of lighting and had grand plans of sticking them in the ground to spell something profound and deeply meaningful... however it was a bitter cold Minnesota night, and so I went from something profound to 2009... and then upon loosing all feeling in my fingers, to 2 - 9. However you can't really tell that is what it was anyways. We ended up just trying to light them as fast as humanly possible for warmth and to get back inside.

Prior to the sparkler extravaganza I did manage to cut a rug at a big dance put on at church. It was a blast... there is always something very liberating about shaking your booty, I recommend that people try to do so at least once a week (Whether in public or private).

Ok... so as promised here are some of my big plans for 2009, and New Years Resolutions in their respective categories...
Spiritually: Last year I decided that each year I am going to make one Christ-Like attribute my focus, there are many good ones to choose from. Last year I choose knowledge and sought to understand it's importance and gain more of it. I still have a lot to learn but it was nice to focus on it for the year. After careful and prayerful deliberation I would like to mark 2009 as the year of Charity (or the pure love of Christ). I am just going to focus on loving people this year... with the understanding that an important aspect of charity is that you expect absolutely nothing in return. Charity is completely self-less... which can be very hard for all of us to do. I do not in anyway think that by the end of the year I will have achieved perfect love... this is just something for me to think about through the year.

Physically: I have been inspired by my friend David who conquered the Twin Cities Marathon in 2008... and so I want to run a marathon this year (most likely Grandma's in Duluth Minnesota)!!! Which is crazy because the first thing I said after I finished the half marathon this past summer was that only wacko's run marathons and that I had no desire to do it. So I changed my mind... you know how much I love to torture myself (well lets call it push my own limits).

Mentally: After one semester of school at the University of Minnesota studying nutrition I have found that a lot of things I am interested in involving alternative diets and herbal remedies are not discussed much in the curriculum. So this year in addition to my school work I plan to read as many books as I can get my hands on to broaden my horizons.

Environmentally: This year I am going to try to avoid the temptation of throwing random school papers and junk I collect throughout the week on top of my dresser. There is usually a mountain of random things on it, and I wait until it is spilling onto the floor before I find homes for things or throw them away. So I have a clean dresser top goal this year.

I also have plans of taking some trips... I have so longed to take a vacation to somewhere warm. I promised myself that the next time I went somewhere I would not be Utah (No offense... I just feel like I always end up there). However spontaneously I have leaving at 3:00 a.m. to drive out to Salt Lake with Charles, Julia and Cody... it should be fun and I have big plans to see some old missionary companions! Only one day into the New Year and already things are going just fabulous....

Life is great!
Thank You 2008
but now it's time
to welcome 2009!!!!!!!!

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