Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Utah and Back

There is something exciting about leaving everything behind
There is something deep and pulling leaving everything behind
Something about having everything you think you'll ever need
Sitting in the seat next to you
And I watch another white dash
Fly beside us

There is yelling of an engine, a constant rattling door
There is serious deep and mumbles
A conversation I'm not it
Flickering lights, Shadows of trees
Makes me blink me eyes
Makes the land appear like a really old movie

I got a heart full, of rubberbands That keep... getting....caught on...things
And I watch another white dash
Fly beside us

I was feeling kind of poetic this morning... although I did not pen the above words, it is from a song called "Another White Dash" by Butterfly Boucher. She opened up at a concert I went to once, and I always really liked that song. I felt like it was kind of fitting to my Road Trip out to Utah. It was kind of a last minute decision to take off... but it was the perfect way to spend five days.

I don't know what it is about hitting the open road that I love so much. I think we live in such a beautiful country and it is nice to get out and appreciate it every once in awhile. The mountains were spectacular as always, and I even gained a greater appreciation for the beauty of haystacks, lone dead trees in the middle of a field, the foothills, and cattle fences. The thing that makes a good road trip however by far has to be the company that you are in... and 40 hours in a car with someone is a great opportunity to get to know someone better ;)

When I arrived in Utah I was able to visit with three of my old missionary companions. It was so fun to see them... we reminisced, we laughed, we hugged... it was perfect. It always makes me so sad that they are so far away from me, they are truly some of the most incredible people I have ever met. My favorite part was when Sister Holly Hooper sang a couple of her Opera pieces for us.... There is not much that can make me happier then a private serenade, there is something special about having someone sing to you. I am one of her biggest fans... you have got to hear the the pipes on this woman... what a powerhouse!

I was also able to see Sister Malorie Nawyn and her husband (sorry Malorie... I forgot your new last name!!! You shall always be Sister Nawyn to me), and I also say Sister Jenny Shaw!

The main purpose of the trip was to assist Charles in packing up all of his belongings and bringing them back to Minnesota. So we spent a fair bit of time packing boxes and cramming them in the mini van so kindly borrowed to him by his mother. My favorite part was after filling the van to what seemed to be full capacity, he shoved a QUEEN SIZED mattress on top of it all. I was laughing so hard and I stood pushed up against the mattress... feet sliding backwards in the snow trying to cram it in. Amazingly enough it went in... not an inch of space to spare. We were a little worried that the springs would be so bent up that it would never regain it original shape, but it came out just fine.

On the way home we stopped at my Uncle Joe's and Aunt Denise's in Wyoming... they are a HOOT, and I spent most of the time laughing at their stories. I have not seen them since my senior year of high school, so it was really great to visit some family. They have a sweet house in the middle of nowhere... they have a big party room, 40 acres of land, and a steam shower (my favorite part by far). I am planning on going out to visit them again and stay awhile.

On the last leg of the trip home, Charles was really tired... he had driven most of them way home. So I let him sleep while I drove and jammed out to a few CD's. As you can remember from a previous post I am always intrigued with people who are sleeping, so I made sure to snap a few photos....
I had to laugh at myself in this moment... and I did giggle out loud a bit as I drove. Charles was on his way to Minnesota... which works out great for me because I love spending time with him... and what do you know, I LIVE IN MINNESOTA! The scene just seemed so humorous... here was this gorgeous man passed out next to me, and I was driving a van full of all his things down the freeway at a roaring 75 miles an hour... and I smiled as I said to myself... "GOT HIM!"


Anonymous said...

Good story! I'm loving your blog!

Mommadriver said...

You are the BEST story-teller...I even read the 'Chairs' story to the end! That pic of you and Charles is very cute...love the shades.
Love, Mom