Monday, January 26, 2009

How Can I CoNcenTRate!?!?!?!

Hello fellow friends... it seems like it has been sometime since I last wrote. The past week went by in a flash. It was my first week back to school and I have to get back into the groove... I leave each class with about 2 hours of reading to do... um so lets see 11 class periods a week, and 2 hours of reading per class... that's about 22 hours of reading. I AM sure that you can guess that I don't have 22 spare hours just sitting around.

This is where my secret Superwoman powers come in handy. I just have to try and multitask... reading while eating, working out, on the bus... I suppose I could read IN the bathroom but I have some pretty deep rooted feelings about books being in the bathroom... plus a woman has to have some time to clear her mind!!!! (Right mom... LOL)

I can't complain too much though, I LOVE my classes so far this semester!!!! Here they are in a very particular order... I have arranged them by quirkiness of my professors and my enjoyment of their lectures.
  • Strategic Management (My professor lectures like he is in a Shakespearean play... the classroom is his stage and he is full of funny quotes and hand gestures, I will from this time forward be referring to him as Professor Shakespeare and will from time to time share WITH you his quotes)
  • Food Safety - LABUZA is my professors last name... just say it a few times (LA-BOOOZA!!) He gives away money if you answer questions in his class... I scored $20.00 last week which is AN incredible thing to me considering my current financial situation!!!! Plus he tells really funny stories and enjoys talking about Scotch... he is a BOOZA that silly Labuza.
  • Experimental Nutrition - I get to test my own urine and blood for nutrition content and feed a rat!!! How AMAZING is that! My prof has his wife in class as a teaching assistant, he told us that she is the laboratory mom. They are so cute, the kind of couple that look like each other... like a perfect match.
  • Sociocultural Nutrition - My teacher is a hippie, I had to put her a little bit lower on the list because she has made some comments that have been anti-Christian which rub me the wrong way... she talks about it like it is an evil entity that strips away peoples individuality and uniqueness... which is untrue, I will have to dive deeper into this in a later post.
  • Microbiology- ummmmm... BORING, just kidding... it is fascinating in it's own supremely nerdy way. The MAN who teaches the lecture is very nice, but he is pretty serious... perhaps his quirks will appear later. The lady who helps us in laboratory is a PhD named Pat and no joke she freakishly reminds me of the Pat that used to be on Saturday Night Live only her hair is blond.

Just to add to it all I am slightly distracted... I am sure if you read between the lines you have figured out why it's hard for me to concentrate these days.

Ps.. Sarah and Kristy the first song is for you... thanks for being so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

What did Sarah and Kristy do that was so cute?

From my holistic (sp?) doctor, I did a salivia and urine test and found out I have some very big problems! Some of my neurotransmitters are very low which explains my depression and anxiety disorder. And (sorry boys) I haven't had my period in months but am surely not pregnant, we found I am very low on a certain girly hormone and it's causing "mid range adrenal fatigue" (whatever that means!) Anyways, she is giving me many, many special NATURAL suppliments to make it all better. It is helping so far. Is that the sort of testing you will do on yourself? Or am I wayyyy off?

Jules said...

Thanks for the link to your blog! It is great. I can't believe your professor gives you money...I wonder if it would work with my students! Too bad I don't have any money to give them. I am looking forward to reading your blog!
Have a great evening!