Thursday, January 15, 2009

June 20th 2009

Go Confidently In the Direction of your Dreams...

If anyone is not busy on Saturday June 20th 2009 you should head up to Duluth Minnesota with me, because that is when I will be running in Grandma's Marathon!!! I am just about to register online, it just opened last night at 12:01 and they only except the first 9,500 people who register. Just THINK... running 26.2 miles with over 9,ooo people!!! This is going to be fabulous, but it also means that the training must begin NOW... only 155 days, 21 hours and 36 minutes to prepare myself for the START line!

I will probably be writing a lot about my preparation and training, and if any distance runners pop in here I am always up for tips. PLUS, I want to know of anyone who wants to run with me... you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

Marathon List of to Do's
  • Register for Marathon (cringe when I pay $85.00 to torture my own body... but smile knowing that I will get a T-shirt and delicious snacks when it's all done... and some great feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction (or perhaps I will be too unconscious as I pass out across the finish line to enjoy the above things fully)
  • Buy New Shoes to Train and Run in (mine are past their prime)... I think I am going to check out the selection at the Running Room I have heard good things
  • Buy New Race Outfit (a definite must to feeling like you can accomplish anything is wearing something you can feel great in and experience minimal chaffing in)
  • Start mapping out some runs that I want to do @
  • Develop a program (intense training will most likely not begin until March as I am in the midst of a Minnesota winter) But until that time I will keep that treadmill track rolling.
With that said, I realize that I am going to need to raise some funds for all of this. You can mail donations to 259.... just kidding. Time to get to work, I have a little part time transcribing gig right now so that should be able to get me by.


Anonymous said...

I am so amazed that you are going to run a marathon! That's one of those things that to me seems so impossible that I would never even consider it. I cannot run at all. I once ran half a mile and that was amazing for me!

I want to come up with you and see you run. That would be so fun! And Duluth is so beautiful, what a great place for a marathon.

David said...

Good luck! Running a marathon is an experience you'll never forget and training for a marathon is one of the most physically trying experiences you will have faced. When you do your first 20+ mile "practice" runs you'll really start to question everything, but don't let it phase you.