Friday, February 19, 2010

I think I can...

The Internet is amazing!!! Every time I log onto my computer I am blown away by the information that is at our finger tips. In fact today a friend of mine posted these sweet videos on her blog about the exponential times we live in.

Since Christmas I have been on a crochet-kick because Chuck bought me new hooks and yarn. I have been working on a baby blanket for our little girl. I wanted to have something to remind her of how excited we were for her arrival and that I anticipated each day... a few stitches at a time. It takes me longer than normal on a project because of my carpal tunnel but I feel an extra sense of accomplishment when I finish something.

Earlier this week I saw a picture of a friend's little girl in the cutest crochet hat with a little flower on it. Turns out her sister-in law makes them and sells them online. I really wanted to buy one, yet finding out that someone made something themselves leaves me asking the question... can I do that?

So I searched online for patterns... I found one that was similar (however her pattern is way cuter, and so is the little girl in the photo!) I made the hat and am still on the look out for the perfect flower to add to it. I even found out how to make little crochet butterflies, I think when I make one for baby girl I will put a little butterfly on it.

Yea for craftiness!!! I wonder what else I can make?

Oh no... I can feel it happening. I am transforming already, pretty soon this blog will be pasted with craft project updates and baby photos galore!!! Oh well I suppose life would be boring if we didn't transform and get to wander through all of it's different phases.


Toni Jones said...

I must say, i'm impressed! That hat turned out way cute, way to go! I'm really sorry about your carpal tunnel. It's the pits. I have it too but i don't think it's quite as bad as yours :( Hang in there!

Amy said...

So cute!! and impressive! Here's a great place for crochet patterns:
Can't wait to see one on your little lady!!!

The Atomic Mom said...

All of my crafiness got put in the back of the closet when James was born. Now it's buried by all the snow in the front yard