Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Insert Baby Here

Our baby travel system came in the mail last week.
I was really excited and relieved to have it because it is one of the major baby necessities... they seriously don't let you leave the hospital unless you have a properly installed car seat.
So I told Chuck we can have the baby now.
We went with the Chicco travel system, which Chuck describes as the Cadillac of baby seats.
Only 25 "easy" to follow assembly instructions, when we finally got it together Chuck added his own instruction to the car seat.
#26: Insert Baby Here
Then he laid down in the sun and took a cat nap.
It made me laugh because the living room looked like a war zone and like Chuck had been hit.


jeff and alli said...

Good work! Putting a stroller together sounds scary to me, I hope it wasn't bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE the pattern on the carseat! SO CUTE!!

The Atomic Mom said...

Haha, no they just make sure you have the car seat when you leave, properly installed is another department!

We didn't get any of that stuff, just a car seat, but then again, I am a minimalist.

If you haven't gotten a high chair I suggest going to IKEA (I hope they have one near by) and get the little white one. $25 and does not consume your entire kitchen.

haha the word ver is: poodi, like poopie but not so "offensive"

The Atomic Mom said...

I just realized I made like 800 comments today...sorry about that.

801 hehe!