Monday, February 1, 2010

Savers Orange Tag Special

This week has been a bargain hunting success!

I have officially declared my mother-in law Joni the queen of the frugalistas. I don't know how she does it, but if there is a major blowout sale, going out of business liquidation, items sold in bulk or (my personal favorite) people giving stuff away for free, Joni will know about it.

This women does her homework, she researches stuff online and frequently finds great things on craigslist. Plus she isn't afraid to ask for things. My mom is like that too she will not even blink at asking someone to reduce the price of something or try to negotiate a deal. I am trying to follow their example.

She called us this weekend from a fabric store closeout... we got great fabrics to recover our couch and make drapes for $1.50 a yard. I don't buy fabric often.... but that is cheap. Plus Joni was friendly and kind to the lady at the counter and scored us a few extra yards for free.

Joni has passed this attribute down to her son, and I thoroughly enjoy watching my husband maneuver the sea of clothing racks at thrift stores. We spent a few hours in Savers the other night and I was impressed with the things he found, it doesn't hurt however that my husband has the ability to wear a potato sack and make it look like high fashion. He tried on these orange stripped retro pants and looked fabulous... not many people can pull stuff like that off. Yet being the frugalisto he is, he passed on the orange stripes as they would not be a very practical addition to his wardrobe.

Our favorite find was...

This nutrition book, which contained lots of good information and tips on how to use food to treat common ailments... yet we loved it for the photography. It had full sized page photos of food that were very simply and artistically done.

Considering the Savers orange tag special we got it for only $2.50!

We took it home and began using an exacto knife to extract all of the pictures that we loved. I then gathered my matching frames that I had bought on clearance at Wal-mart last year ($3.00 a piece), and framed a few.

They look great in the dinning room against the new wall. Plus I have a book full of different pictures that I can change out depending on my mood, the season... or just for fun. And it only cost $14.50.!


This week we got a Piano for FREE. My parents donated this to us, as they do not play it. Despite their best efforts to put all of us kids in piano lessons growing up, only my sister continued her musical pursuits and primarily plays the guitar.

Chuck could not be happier with the new addition to the apartment. He really likes to play which works out wonderfully because I love to listen to piano music. I am so excited about the new delightful and beautiful melodies that float through our home... and I also enjoy my new view from the couch.


Daniel said...

i always joke that when mom goes out shopping the stores end up paying her. your house looks so amazing! i cannot wait to see it when we come out!
love, julia

Karen said...

Oh, Tacy, I wish I could come up with all the wonderful ideas that you seem to come up with. I guess that's one of the reasons I enjoy your blogs. I learn something new. Congrats on the new home and all the new things you've come up with for your home!

Megan said...

Your place looks great! I love the food idea photography idea, seems like something you'd see on those decorating shows Mom watches (Decorating Cents, Decorating on a Dime, ect.) Can't what to see you guys in June!