Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some needed Assistance

Yesterday was a great day
Right now in our life Chuck and I are trying to focus on getting us both through school, being new parents and trying to do so without going into tremendous amounts of debt. I am sure anyone who has ever been married and in school with kids can relate.
We have been trying to adhere to a pretty strict budget since our marriage, and it has been going really well. We live extremely frugally but find that we are incredibly happy. Chuck recently got a part time job that fits his school schedule perfectly and allows us to see each other for lunch and in the evenings. We feel extremely blessed by our new apartment and care taking job which helps with the rent as well.
SO yesterday I got a letter from the country that we qualified for food assistance, which has caused me to do a lot of reflecting. Growing up hearing negative remarks about people who take advantage of the system... I vowed from a young age to be self sufficient.
Yet at this time, considering the good of my family I had to accept the fact that we temporarily will need help. When I went to the County office to pick up my EBT card I quietly promised to myself that I would be incredibly responsible with this assistance, buy what we need, and not be wasteful with the food we receive.
I have paid taxes since I was a 15 year old Burger King drive-through worker, and would like to think that somehow I am just using some of that money... yet I know that there are millions of honest tax paying Americans who contribute to my opportunity to have food assistance and medical coverage during my pregnancy.
for paying your taxes. Without some of these programs I don't know how new families would get themselves started.
To my surprise we qualified for much more than I had anticipated and being that food assistance is retro active from the time that you apply we got an extra month and a half added to our card.
Yesterday I went to the grocery store and filled a grocery cart so full I could hardly turn the corners in the store with it anymore. I felt like crying it was such a beautiful thing to me... but I just laughed. I kind of felt delirious... like I couldn't believe that I would be leaving the store with all of these groceries.
It was the first time since our marriage that I didn't have to analyze every purchase and total everything up meticulously in my head trying not to spend too much money. Or have a mini anxiety attack at the checkout.
I shopped in the Organic section.
Bought lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
And explored new foods in the ethnic section.
We ate fresh salmon and asparagus for dinner.
Chuck and I giggled as we watched our cupboards fill up and we gave thanks in our prayer as we sat down for dinner that we enjoy such a wonderful life.
My heart goes out to the hungry and homeless especially the people in Hatti, this assistance reminds me that we should always be aware of those who are less fortunate than us and help in whatever way we can.
So if you are hungry let me know... what is mine is yours and our kitchen is always open.


jeff and alli said...

I'm glad you are getting some assistance. I think these programs are made for people like you that need a helping hand for a time and later you will be contributing back to society helping others that need a lift. So enjoy eating something besides pork and beans. :)

The Atomic Mom said...

EBT, WIC etc are for situations just like yours...people who are trying but need a bit more help. I think you will find that most rational people (and I'm coming from the view point of a VERY conservative-get-out-of-my-life-government point of view) will have no problem with your situation.

It's the chronic welfare abusers and the people who do nothing to better their lives or somehow think that Pres Obama will solve all their problems thru social programs, that bug me. You are obviously not that way. And when it comes down to it, it none of anyone's business. So when you get the judgemental looks, because you will get them, ignore them and go on with your life.