Friday, March 6, 2009

Brotherly Love

This is my brother Ben. When I was little I was so excited at the prospect of having a little brother. I thought my sister was amazing because she was older than me... the thought that I was going to be an "Older Sister" caused me great joy to think I could be a little bit more like Beth.

It's interesting, I was only about 3 in the above picture, but I remember this day very well. I remember Beth had on a little Red dress. I remember meeting my parents at the hospital, I think my grandma brought us there. I remember how happy my dad was... and that my mom seemed to have an extra special glow.

He was the cutest little kid, I wish I had more pictures of him when he was young. I just like the above picture because he was little enough for me to hold. He is a very big man now, but sometimes I still try to hold him like a babe... yet that usually turns into some sort of wrestling match.

I was just having tender thoughts about Ben this morning... I am of course supposed to be studying for a test... but needed a little writing therapy first. So here are a just a few reasons why I love Ben so much.

Ben is playful, and full of life. No one makes me laugh like he does... especially when sings karaoke, or dances around... and is some weird way I love it when he puts me in the choke hold and pins me to the ground (that's how Ben says I love you Tacy).

I love Ben because he is so handsome. But a lot of his good looks lie in his demeanor and his personality... charming, absolutely charming.

I love Ben because he is a MAN! He brought good balance to my sister and I.... even though we were constantly trying to dress him up like a girl and convincing him to play barbies with us... don't worry my barbies had a lot of ninja turtles for friends.

I love Ben because he sees the importance of being a good person. He is quick to give a helping hand... and I really mean a hand, he is a very hard worker and a good craftsman. He is like my dad that way... my dad was always helping people at church and in the neighborhood with their cars and houses. I see Ben being that helpful neighbor who is quick to grab his toolbox when the little lady next door has a household crisis.
Ben... if you by chance to stop in here. I think you are fabulous. Thanks for being so great!
I love you.

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