Thursday, March 26, 2009

Christian the Lion

Ok... so this is kind of cheesy. But the other day in one of my classes the teacher asked what ways we feared dying. The kid who sits next to me said "Being attacked by a lion!" Which made me laugh because I really don't think he has to worry about that too much in Minnesota.... unless he is a cage jumper at the zoo.
So anyways my teacher started to tell the story of Christian the Lion... which sounded sweet, so I You Tubed the video. There are many different versions to this vidoe online... all of them set to extremely cheesy music, there was one set to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" from the bodygaurd soundtrack.... LOL now there is powerhouse love song to convey the emotions of this reunion.

Anyways... these two guys are really lucky that lion did not eat them!


Karen said...

Hi Tacy, I've seen this like a million times, this year!!! I answer these silly radio trivia questions for points - - - to win something!! You know like concert tickets, movie passes, even a trip to some place like Minnesota!! (JK) most likely to Disneyland. Anyway, this is on the video part and I watch it to see if the answer is there. I thought I'd get tired of watching it but if the sound it down it doesn't matter.
Yeah, so I just won a box of Kit Kat candy!!! I don't even like them! I just thought I'd try to see if I'd win with just one entry and I did!! funny thing is that I also won COFFEE!!! So my brother used that (coffee) and everyone that I see has taken the candy. I tried to eat one bar and couldn't get past one stick!!

Tacy Marie said...

Karen... you are ALWAYS winning stuff!! You blow my mind. They should offer trips to Minnestoa as contest prizes... I mean who wouldn't want to come to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, home of the Mall of America, and state of all great Paul Bunyon stuff.
You need to talk to your radio connections and let them know that Minnesota should be the next big getaway.

Karen said...

Not a bad idea!! It's been years since I've been to Minnesota! Juella was about 5 years old at the time (she's 20 now!!)
The Range is giving away 'trips of your choice' these days. Bad thing about it, is you have to be caller 6 and it's pretty hard to be that number because you really have to be fast at dialing the number. They don't give you hints that it's coming up. I'd rather it be caller 25 or around there. I'm pretty lucky then!
You think I ought to tell them to have the trip for the dates around May 23rd???
Have a great day!