Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainbow of Emotions

I wish to give adequate credit to the person who took this photograph of Chuck... but I forgot. Just know that it wasn't me, it was something a friend of his took for a class. He showed it to me when he was introducing me to the world of Facebook the other day (don't get excited I still don't have one!!)

Now that this image has been added to the collection of billions of others that float through my mind I have been thinking about it a lot.... it brings with it a stirring of my emotions, you would think that would be due primarily to the man holding the guitar (which no doubt brings tender feelings), however I think it is the COLORS in this picture that cause this reaction.

It actually reminded me of a poem a kid wrote in my 10th grade Sociology Class, and because I save random things that inspire me... I by chance still have it!! So Nick Holler from Blaine High School Class of 2001 wherever you may be, I hope you don't mind me quoting you.

Rainbow of Emotions

The Rainbow of Emotions:
A veritable color-code of the mind
The Spectrum of humanity

Red; Fire of Creation
It warms our blood
and inspires us to greater heights

Yellow;Light of Knowledge
It leads us through the darkness
teaches us to survive against all odds

Pink; Heat of Passion
It fuels our desires
Keeps us from giving in to the pressure

Green; Flower of Personality
It is nurtured by learning,
growing within us as we grow into ourselves

Purple; Center of Compassion
It generates our empathetic urges
strengthens the relationships
that support and build us up

Orange; Shield of Courage
It emboldens us
shielding us from fear
supporting us against all odds

Blue; Ocean of Sadness
It floods when we cry, recedes when we laugh
even when it may seem to harm us
it strengthens our resolve

And so...
I ignite the Fire of Creation
I show the Light of Knowledge,
I reveal the Heart of Passion,
I plant the Flower of Personality
I share the Center of Compassion
I wield the Shield of Courage
I flood and drain the Ocean of Sadness

It is something we all must do
so the Prism of Life
can cast these colored treasures
The Rainbow of Emotions

Nick... I know that the chance of you ever reading this post are slim to none, perhaps someday when you get bored you will Google your name and be guided here. I hope you are still writing poetry! Thanks also be to Chuck for being so photogenic, and to his very talented friend.


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