Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have made a determination to have a better attitude about school... and homework and papers and exams... yada yada yada. I just feel like I could do a whole lot loss whining and a whole lot more studying. I just realized last night that I am pretty blessed to be going to such a great University and for free no less. Plus I am on the crunch to finish a research paper today about the Bisphenol A controversy. Which if you are not familiar with, it is the compound that is found in many plastics, and can liners, which leaches into food when heated... there is conflicting research about weather it is harmful or not. I will share with you my full opinion once I finish my paper.

For now i just wanted to post this picture because it is serving as my inspiration for the day... I always leave my blog open when I study so that I can listen to music, and I wanted something happy to look at as well. And I don't think anything is happier than knowing that I get to spend forever with Chuck...

And now I'm off to write and research and learn and grow, oh school is GREAT! (See how much my attitude is changing already!)


Andersonland said...

All I know is BPA free bottles cost a boat load more than those with BPA, and those are going the way of the Dodo, not because the research is conclusive, but because it's a fad right now. So, I've just bought as many cheap BPA filled bottles as I can, because in the end you die anyway, and who cares if you're a little crazy, aren't we all?

sware said...

Nice "profile" picture:) It almost looks as though there is someone super great next to you!!;)