Friday, May 14, 2010

5 - 4 Friday

Where did the week go? I feel like I just wrote one of these posts. I had a request for more Fiona Pics... so here are 5 of my favorite baby pics.

Every morning after Chuck leaves for work I get Fiona from her crib and bring her in bed with me. It's kind of funny because I LOVE it, but she hits me and gets agitated when I am too close to her. I try to give her some space, but I just can't resist her in the morning.

She can't get enough of our big front window. She loves the light and will sit and stare out the window for hours... in fact that is what she is doing right now. Don't worry we will teach her that it is not good to stare directly at the sun.
She is wearing her 3 month clothes now. I had to pack away all of her newborn stuff. I am starting to get sad that she will grow so fast that she wont be able to wear all of her new clothes. She has quite an impressive wardrobe. We especially love her little pants sets.

Daddy works hard to keep her cultured, and plays music for her often.

And this week she discovered that she loves slobbering on and trying to eat his fingers. She gets this WILD look her eyes and goes to town.

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