Monday, May 10, 2010

The Perks

Mothers Day Rocks! As if having a sweet little baby to adore and play with isn't enough, I ate crab legs with drawn butter, baked potato, asparagus, artichoke dip and sparkling pear cider all served by a very handsome and man (No we weren't out to eat... Chuck bought and prepared it all:)

Then as if that wasn't enough he got me this sweet new summer hat that reminds us both of peppermint bon bon ice cream.
And I got a bracelet, and my mom got me a scrapbook to put together for Fiona.

And my brother got me a framed picture of me and Fiona from the hospital. At first I thought it was the sweetest thing until I noticed that he had photo shopped out Fiona's face and put a picture of him making a gross baby face. When I finally noticed it I screamed... and then laughed hysterically. My brother is crazy.

(Chuck holding the Choopie or pacifier in Fiona's mouth while sleeping... what a skilled daddy)

We took a walk, a nap, and snuggled.

Who knew being a mom had such great perks.

I REALLY did not expect presents, just a carnation at church and maybe a card. Thank you to everyone who made my first mothers day unforgettable.

Hope yours was too:)


The Atomic Mom said...

Invest in those pacifier clips, they will save your life!!

I love that you don't call the paci a binky either! I hate binky! We call it a Nuk at our house.

Toni Jones said...

haha your brother cracks me up! good one!

JR said...

I'm a bit late to the party, but happy Mother's day, Tacy! You've earned those treats, so I hope you enjoyed them.