Wednesday, May 12, 2010


And I only lasted about 15 minutes and thought I might pass out!

It was GREAT.

I love that feeling like your lungs are on fire.

Here's to getting back in shape!



Heidi said...


Good job. : )

Toni Jones said...

Woa, you go girl. i can't run for more than a minute!

christy p said...

I never have been able to run....before my feet went flat and all funky, I would walk for hours though. I loved it. Now it's just painful for long amounts of time, and gets even more painful as time goes on and I get less in shape.....I did run half a mile once though- 2 times around the track at the Anoka high school football field. We were being naughty in colorguard in 10th grade, so our instructor made us run 2 times on the track while everyone else watched. It's amazing what you can do when you're terrified of everyone seeing that you're the only one who has to walk most of the way... I tried to do it again a few times. Did not happen. Sad.

jeff and alli said...

You are so positive. I've started back up since Isla, and I hate that feeling like I'm going to die. :)