Saturday, May 8, 2010

Belated Five for Friday

Ok... so I knew I was going to stink at remembering to do this. I even posted yesterday and completely spaced it. So it's Saturday but here is what I would have wrote yesterday if I wasn't such a scatterbrain.

  1. Chuck kicked butt this semester, he is still waiting for one grade to come back but almost straight A's ( I think he got an A- or something). Nice work babe.
  2. My next door neighbor looks and sounds just like Balki from Perfect Strangers

(He is the one in the purple suit on the right)

3. Ethnic Restaurants will often have menu items that sound less than appetizing once they are translated to English. Case in point, we went to a Vietnamese place the other day and I asked for a recommendation of that to eat. The waitress pointed me to dish that contained "FISH BALLS" she also showed me lots of other dishes I might like.... but in my head I just kept say... fish balls, FISH ballz, fish BALLS... I ended up ordering it, they were like meat balls but made with fish.
4. We randomly watched two movies this week were the main character commits suicide at the end. What a bummer, we should have just watched Nacho Libre twice and laughed ourselves silly.

5. It is therapeutic for babies to hang them upside down for about 10 seconds a few times a day. Fiona Loves it :)

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