Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fiona Smiles

I am making noises such as this pretty much all day. I can't help it I have a baby smile addiction. Chuck actually started the Na Na game, I started with the Num Num game and as this video is a few days old, I have moved onto the clap clap game and the tongue game (which makes a noise but I don't know how to type the sound). Hope you have something to smile about today!


Toni M. said...

How adorable! Dan and i both just watched this. We can't wait to meet her!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing. Really cute!

Linlea said...

Oh Tacy, your little girl is adorable! I'm so glad you found my blog! I actually asked Heath for your address you put in his baptism book a long time ago to send you a letter and then... I don't know where it ended up! So it's great to hear from you!! Did you know Heath is in MT on his mission? He gets home in 6 weeks, pretty crazy huh? Yes, Russia has been an amazing experience! I can't believe I'm heading back to the states so soon. And I'll be sure to tell my family hello and my mom that. :) What's your e-mail address so I don't leave you a comment that is any longer than I have already?! Ha! Actually... mine is saralin22@byu.net, send me a message so we can catch up! Congrats on wedding/baby/ and all!! :)

Christy Pagels said...

Hi Tacy!

Fiona is so darling! I can't wait to meet her! I want to give her a big hug! (But I promise I won't squeeze her too hard...although I want to squeeze her very hard. I have it in my mind that the more squeeze there is, the more love that is shared!)

Also- I said last week that I was going to call you last weekend. Well, I went to my mom and dad's saturday and sunday. I thought I'd have more relaxing time than I did, cos we stayed pretty busy. Then this week I've been busy too. Which is a good thing, because free time = lots of thinking = WORRYING (ew). So,I didn't get a chance to call. :(

But, I have the day off tomorrow cos I have a dr appointment. Grandma is picking me up at 11am. So if all goes as planned, I want to try to call you around 10. If Fiona has you pooped from a long night though, don't worry about answering the phone. Just do what you need to do, k!

So, there's a heads up. Have a great night! And give miss Fiona a good little squeeze for me! (We're looking for the right balance of squeeze here. Hopefully somewhere between "I love you sooo much!" and "sorry I made your baby stop breathing for a moment...!" I'm practicing on the dog now. He's quite resilient, no worries!)

Love you, Tacy! :)

Mommadriver said...

Tacy, I am obsessed with my Grandbaby! Can't get enough of her cuteness...I showed my little video of her singing with you to everyone at work...they thought it was so cute, and I'm sure most of them probably hide when they see me coming now...
I'll be sure to post it one You Tube so you can watch it again, too. Fatal Cuteness!