Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Childhood memories

DO you know who the Washington Post once named as "the most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world?"

My husband didn't.

If you are listening to my playlist right now, you've probably already guessed. It's Raffi.

(Doesn't that picture just make you smile... he is like the happiest person in the world)

Is it ok that I love children's music especially Raffi... my sister came this weekend to meet Fiona for the first time and she brought me like 10 children's music CD's and I can't stop listening to them and laughing. I suppose that's good because kids usually like to listen to this music over and over and over and over again. If I enjoy it it will probably prevent me from going absolutely insane.

I keep imagining Fiona someday singing these songs and it just makes me smile.

Some of you may find this sort of music highly annoying and cheesy, but it brings back really good memories of my mom playing her guitar for us before we went to bed. We would always request Raffi songs. I also remember dancing around the living room with my sister and watching my then baby brother do this squatty dance he did that cracked us up.

What music were you addicted to when you were younger?

I also included the Owl City song on my playlist because my nieces and nephews were over this weekend dancing to it. Now every time I listen to it I picture them twirling around my living room.

(Just Chillin in the chair)


The Atomic Mom said...

Currently I love The Wiggles.

Have you checked out They Might Be Giants sing the ABCs and 123s? Both are so very good.

You can also let her listen to Abba too, Abba is always good.

Sara said...

I loved Raffi when I was younger! I believe I had him on cassette tape. :)