Friday, May 21, 2010

Five For Friday

  1. I really want suggestions on how to stop saying the word LIKE constantly in conversation... I have tried to rid myself of the habit before, but I still find myself doing it.
  2. I am officially a Moby Mom! Check out my sweet new baby carrier called the MOBY. When I was in school one of my classmates told me I had to get one of these. I have been obsessing over having one ever since Fiona was born, and it finally came in the mail this week. Actually I waited each morning in front of the window watching for the UPS guy. When he pulled up the other morning I ran out to meet him which I think startled him and he totally biffed it on my front steps. I still can't tell if Fiona loves it or hates it, but if I walk around enough she passes out. When I take her out of it though she screams like I stabbed her which is heart wrenching. We walked and shopped in the grocery store with it the other day, and also washed the windows. Thank you Moby:)
  3. Do people still flip the bird? Randomly the other day I realized that you don't really see people give the middle finger anymore. I am not saying that I miss it... just wondering if it is considered out of style.
  4. I chopped my hair off, and here is a cheesy picture I took of myself to show. My mother in law cut it, and I LOVE it. So bouncy and easy to manage.

  5. This Sunday is Chuck and I's one year anniversary. For most occasions I write Chuck a letter in a special journal that was given to us for a wedding present. I am having a hard time summing up and expressing my feelings of the past year. Quite simply Chuck just makes everything better. So happy to have found love, as Rufus Wainwright said, "Life is a game, and true love is the trophy."


Heidi said...

You are so funny! Cute hair and happy anniversary on Sunday!

Christy Pagels said...

You are looking so good, Tacy! More like the old Tacy I am used to. I think pregnant/new mommy Tacy is super super cute though! I think you are a lucky girl- you look cute and sweet with a bit of junk in the trunk! ;) I promise, it's true! You are just so adorable! :D

I only tell you because while I have never had a baby, I do know what it's like to be in decent shape and then gain a lot of weight quickly, and then your self confidence gets all funky and you become unsure of who you are (sense of physical self, that is- what you picture in your head is not what you see in the mirror) for a while. We either get used to it and start loving our new body, or we say, "I want to run again!" (In my case it's walk) and then we lose some weight, and more importantly, get back into shape so we can run or walk tonnssss like we want to! And that is just so refreshing to be able to do that! :) It's also a bonus to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see, and not feel awkward all day wondering what you look like or if your muffin top is showing..... you know!? :)

Alsoooo- I got your message last night and I am going to call you back tonight most likely. By the end of the weekend forrrr surrrre! :)

Clarinda said...

Love the haircut! Super cute. :-)

Also, I wanted to let you know that someone flipped Jeff and I the bird just the other day. The bird flipper was in a car, but now I can't remember if we were also driving or walking somewhere. You're right, though, other than this recent occurrence, it has been awhile.

Mommadriver said...

Being a School Bus Driver, I see lots of "birds" during a week's time. There's something about a big, lumbering bus that brings out the absolute worst in other drivers' natures! I was told as a new trainee, that I would know I was doing my job correctly when I was getting the bird...It helped to take the shock value away. People are so funny!

jeff and alli said...

We got a moby off a craigslist, and love it! You can do so much and I think it is pretty comfortable.

Your hair is cute.

I'll get you our recipe for falafel, so yummy. :)

Toni Jones said...

your hair! cute! I want to cut mine so bad, but Dan doesn't want me to... it's a on-going battle between us, ha ha!